image: Raki Malhotra in situ — at Panoply Performance Laboratory.


Justice, it is said, must not only be done, it must be seen to be done (Homi K. Bhabha)

JUST SITUATIONS is a hybrid conference, festival, and “political science fair,” hosting artists and active citizens who are working in performative ways, moving beyond the trending commercialization of art “about” politics, into non-representational and non-reproductive modes of performance which directly construct, speculate, design. position, and posit “just” forms of political, social, and personal human being and becoming.



Danielle Abrams
Anonymous (2)
Chloë Bass
Tal Beery
Raha Behnam
Lorene Bouboushian
J. Coatl/Kevin Lenny
IV Castellanos
Karl Cooney
Rex Delafkaran
Natalie DeSabato
Adriana Disman
Dominique DuRoseau
Shawn Escarciga
Ayana Evans
Jill Flanagan
Kaia Gilje
Nicole Goodwin
Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves
David Ian Bellows/Griess
Dell M. Hamilton
Sarah Hill
Shizu Homma
How To Get It Done
Amanda Hunt
Leili Huzaibah
Honey Jernquist
Miao Jiaxin
The Kandake Dance Theatre for Social Change
Marija Krtolica
Valerie KuehnePaige Johnson-Brown
LJ Leach
Cecilia Lopez
Clarinda Mac Low
Sophia Mak
Tsedaye Makonnen
Raki Malhotra
Anaïs Maviel/Thea Little
Brian McCorkle

Feminist Art Group
Beth Neff
Esther Neff
Siri Nelson
Eshan Rafi
Jules Rochielle
Julia Santoli/Cynthia Chang
Meli Sanfiorenzo
Rosary Solimanto
Preach R Sun
Elaine Thap
yon Tande
Noelle Tolbert/Alexander D’Agostino
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Cherrie Jiqing Yu

JUST SITUATIONS: July 13-16 and 20-23, 2017




bookmark_borderImages of Interpretation | Court Square Studios, LIC , Queens, NY, May 15 – 16 2015

Images of Interpretation | Court Square Studios, LIC , Queens, NY, May 15 – 16 2015
A hat, a straw, a spin, a stare, a ramble..A series of immediate and temporal existences, negotiated and presented from within our most infinite and intimate knowing-sharings. The questions “What is it? What happened? Why and How does it happen?” dilute and cross-contaminate/pollinate our sense of presence, or lack of. Considering these questions during the digestion of artwork builds alternate interpretations and modify our realities of the art-workings themselves. Conceptual labor is shared between a group of performance artists, bonding audience members together in space-time.
Participating Artists:  Shizu Homma, René Kladzyk, Butch & Ariane,  Angela Freiberger, Jessica Kaire, Lesig Aradne , Kevin Marin & H.h. Coatl, Zavé Martohardjono, Nooshin Rostami, Angeli.