moral encompassing

BIPAF: Moral (en)Compassing
Center for Performance Research
June 1-3, 2018 

Photo: Rafael Sanchez, By: Anaze Izquierdo


Friday June 1 7pm
Ayana Evans, Jean Carla Rodea, Edward G. Sharp

Saturday June 2 | 4pm
4pm public statements on morality
5pm working group/roundtable
6:30pm Simone Johnson, Nicole Goodwin, Tsedaye Makonnen, Rafael Sanchez

Sunday June 2 | 6pm
Beatriz Albuquerque, Nana Ama Bentsi Enchill, Kaia Gilje, Maria Hupfield, Jenna Kline, Shawn Escarciga.

For this 3-day exhibition of interdisciplinary performance, 13 artists are invited to realize work which structurally and poetically researches their “moralities” and how morals relate to/within their practices. These artists are invited to consider the forms of their processes, interactions and interfacings with audience members/participants/collaborators, and to design relevant modes of production and collaboration. All participants in Moral (En)Compassing will also be invited to critically respond to performance art’s fraught history with being judged “morally wrong,” despotic, deviant. How are we (imm)moral(izing) and/or deemed (im)moral? Artists are often forced to confront this question when faced with censorship, exclusion, and kyriarchal valuation schemas. Here, we attempt to deal with “morality” consciously, anterior to and (ideally/idealistically?) without (and never without) its ways of pushing and pulling, dividing and connecting, inscribing stances and directing movement, compelling and repelling, drawing us and drawn from within us?

All performances and sessions are open to the public and 3-minute statements are invited on Saturday 4-5pm from anyone who wishes to make one, followed by a public roundtable discussion.

Tickets: sliding scale $5-20 in advance or at the door (cash only).


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