Pass the Salt. And the Pepper. And While You’re At It, The Ketchup Too| March 12, 2016 | Local Project. LIC, Queens, NY.

Pass the Salt. And the Pepper. And While You’re At It, The Ketchup Too

March 12, 2016 | Local Project. LIC, Queens, NY. 

Welcome to our table, an elsewhere where nothing is what it seems. Everything could really be something else: there are myriad ways to enjoy the delicate aromas and flavors of these instantaneous perceptual ambiguities. Don’t feast upon them too fast–this could cause self-induced indigestion–though swallowing them whole with unhinged jaws may be needed to saturate the indulgent tyrants inhabiting our gorge with stomach-acid, eroding their every concept of necessity/propriety. During this dinner service, the body craves peptide-insulation against benevolent ignorance and against the economic ulceration of art making/consumption/participation. This is a full menu of live works with recipes involving scores, actions, movement, and substances, situating performative, social and ritual practices.  

Participating ArtistsWaqia Abdul-Kareem, Jenna Kline,  Beatriz Albuquerque, Quinn Dukes, Geraldo Mercado, Alejandro Chellet

drawing by esther neff


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