Desire & Disaster | December 12-19, 2015 | Local Project

Desire & Disaster | December 12-19, 2015 | Local Project

Winter sore is here! Get closer and pass on your semi-autonomous infected breath to one another. The body is out of sync but  somewhere between construing and confusing the injustices that causes this constant disaster, somehow our built-in-inexhaustible desires to live in the world socially will get us away from the malady.

Desire & Disaster is an attempt to think of the organization and disorganization of our individual desire and disaster within the collective life that is imposed on us. To look at these internal network of (good and bad) forms and (healthful and harmful) substances that we persistently generate due to our acute dependency to communicate and feel with each other as we value our selves as human being (and that is just one category of endless categories and (sub)divisions such as race, sex, type, etc ..that we, the dominant species, have produced, which is often times backfiring at us).

Desire & Disaster is a performance art series consist of action-task-body-movement and soundscape/situation-based performance practice. Artists and audience will share two Saturday evenings of intimately experiencing the immediate material, spatial, historical and ritual labor of art-making-participating. 

Participating Artists: Nia Nottage, Shawn Escarciga, Ivy Castellanos, Heeran Lee, Edgar Javier Ulloa Lujan, Julia Santoli, Brian Mc Corkle, Tropical Resources, Jeremy Toussaint Baptiste

drawing by esther neff

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