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BIPAF: Moral (en)Compassing
Center for Performance Research
June 1-3, 2018 

Photo: Rafael Sanchez, By: Anaze Izquierdo


Friday June 1 7pm
Ayana Evans, Jean Carla Rodea, Edward G. Sharp

Saturday June 2 | 4pm
4pm public statements on morality
5pm working group/roundtable
6:30pm Simone Johnson, Nicole Goodwin, Tsedaye Makonnen, Rafael Sanchez

Sunday June 2 | 6pm
Beatriz Albuquerque, Nana Ama Bentsi Enchill, Kaia Gilje, Maria Hupfield, Jenna Kline, Shawn Escarciga.

For this 3-day exhibition of interdisciplinary performance, 13 artists are invited to realize work which structurally and poetically researches their “moralities” and how morals relate to/within their practices. These artists are invited to consider the forms of their processes, interactions and interfacings with audience members/participants/collaborators, and to design relevant modes of production and collaboration. All participants in Moral (En)Compassing will also be invited to critically respond to performance art’s fraught history with being judged “morally wrong,” despotic, deviant. How are we (imm)moral(izing) and/or deemed (im)moral? Artists are often forced to confront this question when faced with censorship, exclusion, and kyriarchal valuation schemas. Here, we attempt to deal with “morality” consciously, anterior to and (ideally/idealistically?) without (and never without) its ways of pushing and pulling, dividing and connecting, inscribing stances and directing movement, compelling and repelling, drawing us and drawn from within us?

All performances and sessions are open to the public and 3-minute statements are invited on Saturday 4-5pm from anyone who wishes to make one, followed by a public roundtable discussion.

Tickets: sliding scale $5-20 in advance or at the door (cash only).


Social Health Performance Club | May 2018 | Bullet Space

Participating for : Citizen Participation: Directives & Diagrams

Diagrams and Directives’ uses Sherry Arnstein’s 1969 essay/diagram ‘A Ladder of Citizen Participation’ as an instigation for eight collectives/groups working in participatory, civic, and collaborative ways to exhibit themselves through works dealing with citizenry and (self)governance across a wide variety of disciplines.

OPENING: Sunday May 6 at 5:00pm, with a picnic potluck and a performance by the Feminist Art Group at 6:00.
VIEWING HOURS: Sat + Sun 2:00pm — 5:00pm
Wed + Thrs 4:00pm — 7:00pm

Social Arts Practices Network (SPAN)
Occupy Museums
Harem Haram Hamam (H.H.H. Collective)
Feminist Art Group (FAG)
Social Health Performance Club
Workers Art Coalition
Chinatown Art Brigade

These eight groups will realize work(s) re-imagining the ladder’s depiction of citizenship, direct democracy, and/or power distribution.

Citizen Participation: Diagrams and Directives is a practical exhibition, inviting collectives to consider the aesthetic and political forms of their internal organization and critically investigate citizen control, delegated power, partnership, placation, consultation, informing, therapy, and manipulation (the eight rungs on Arnstein’s “ladder”) through projects and pieces including participatory artworks, installation, performance, and video.

(subject to change)

Sunday May 6 (5pm): Opening Picnic Potluck (5pm) and Feminist Art Group Performance (6pm)

Thursday May 10 (4-7pm): SPAN Interviews / (7-9pm:) Occupy Museums

Saturday May 12 (6-9pm): Social Health Performance Club Performances I: Dominique DuRoseau, Ayana Evans, Coco Cafe

Sunday May 13 (2pm and 4pm): Culture Push Mediated Walks

Thursday May 17 (6-9pm): Social Health Performance Club Performances II: Tropical Resources, Geraldo Mercado, Waqia Abdul-Kareem

Friday May 18 (4-6pm): Workers Art Coalition with Queens College Social Practice Program

Saturday May 19 (6-9pm): Culture Push Mediated Walks

Sunday May 20 (4pm): Culture Push Mediated Walks / SPAN Interviews

Citizen Participation: Diagrams and Directives is co-curated and co-organized by ABC No Rio Visual Arts Committee members Steven Englander and Esther Neff in collaboration with the eight participating collectives/groups. In addition to regular gallery hours, the exhibition involves participatory sessions and performance.

Citizen Participation: Diagrams and Directives is supported in part by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs and the New York State Council on the Arts.

ABC No Rio in Exile at Bullet Space
292 East 3rd Street (bet. C + D)

Las Almas Errantes

Rockaway Brewery, LIC, Queens, NY | August 4 & 5 2017

Organizing Exhibition & Performances with Natalie deSabato, Emily McDonald, Christian Torres. 

“My body remembers what it means to love slowly, what it means to start from scratch; to soak the maiz, scatter bonedust in the limewater, and let the seeds soften overnight.

 (Excerpt from ‘Making Tortillas’, poem by Alicia Gaspar de Alba). 

Participating Artists: Catharina Panggabean, Camille Pinto, Stephanie Ospina, Rico Suave, Daniel Valle, Carmen Verdugo, Mauricio Arenas, Lutfi Kurniawan, Nana Ama Bentsi-Enchill, Jean Carla Rodea, David Ian Bellows/Griess, Kaia Gilje, Onism, Patricio Arzen, Kyna Damewood, Demetrius Gooden, Sam Irwin, Michael Joyce, Kristin Laughter, Michael Whiteshoes.

Music by: Manufresh Selector, Seleccions by Dayan Silva, MissHap, Shabakano, Maddie Ruthless, Selector Peralta.

image: Raki Malhotra in situ — at Panoply Performance Laboratory.


Justice, it is said, must not only be done, it must be seen to be done (Homi K. Bhabha)

JUST SITUATIONS is a hybrid conference, festival, and “political science fair,” hosting artists and active citizens who are working in performative ways, moving beyond the trending commercialization of art “about” politics, into non-representational and non-reproductive modes of performance which directly construct, speculate, design. position, and posit “just” forms of political, social, and personal human being and becoming.



Danielle Abrams
Anonymous (2)
Chloë Bass
Tal Beery
Raha Behnam
Lorene Bouboushian
J. Coatl/Kevin Lenny
IV Castellanos
Karl Cooney
Rex Delafkaran
Natalie DeSabato
Adriana Disman
Dominique DuRoseau
Shawn Escarciga
Ayana Evans
Jill Flanagan
Kaia Gilje
Nicole Goodwin
Adjua Gargi Nzinga Greaves
David Ian Bellows/Griess
Dell M. Hamilton
Sarah Hill
Shizu Homma
How To Get It Done
Amanda Hunt
Leili Huzaibah
Honey Jernquist
Miao Jiaxin
The Kandake Dance Theatre for Social Change
Marija Krtolica
Valerie KuehnePaige Johnson-Brown
LJ Leach
Cecilia Lopez
Clarinda Mac Low
Sophia Mak
Tsedaye Makonnen
Raki Malhotra
Anaïs Maviel/Thea Little
Brian McCorkle

Feminist Art Group
Beth Neff
Esther Neff
Siri Nelson
Eshan Rafi
Jules Rochielle
Julia Santoli/Cynthia Chang
Meli Sanfiorenzo
Rosary Solimanto
Preach R Sun
Elaine Thap
yon Tande
Noelle Tolbert/Alexander D’Agostino
Jeremy Toussaint-Baptiste
Cherrie Jiqing Yu

JUST SITUATIONS: July 13-16 and 20-23, 2017